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The Sisters of St Anne
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Cross emblemThe Sisters of St Anne work for the Lord through pastoral care, with an option for the poor and catechesis for all ages.

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Congregation of the Sisters of St Anne a diocesan institute founded in year 1927 by Grace Gordon Smith.

The Sisters take vows of obedience poverty and celibacy and live in Community.

The spirit of the congregation must be twofold the spirit, first of constant union with God in prayer and recollection and secondly of untiring and selfless activity in the works of charity for which it has been founded.

Early days - Mother Mary Agnes in VauxhallFeast day amusementsNovices studying on the veranda in Wimbledon
Mother Mary Agnes relaxing in Bognor RegisThe Plymouth communityOur Mother's Feast Day
25th Jubilee celebration of Teresa's hospitalAn audience with the Pope, 4 October 1966Sister Kevin with her group of children in Rotherhithe
Sister Peter playing music with children in GhanaSister Peter playing music with children in Ghana

Key Dates

1927-1931 - Vauxhall and Rotherhithe

1932 - Lingfield Road, Wimbledon

1932 - Plymouth, Devon

1937 - St Teresa's Hospital, Wimbledon SW20

1954 - West Gonja Hospital; Damongo, NR; Ghana, West Africa

1970 - Wales

1988 - Opening of St Teresa's home for the elderly